Emoticons and Emojis have become a key tool in digital communication over the past decade or so. They have provided us with a way of presenting emotion via means of something as simple as putting two symbols together or sending graphic representations of emotions. And although they are a big trend in modern society it is still a developing language and we sometimes don’t understand what certain Emoticons or Emojis mean. 
This inspired me to create this project about what emoticons and Emojis are, how their meaning is constructed semiotically, but more importantly how they are seen on both social media and in business correspondence and environments. 
Throughout this project I have been learning much more about the behaviour of emoticons and Emojis and how they are recognised as part of our communicative digital language. Therefore I decided to design this book and set of reference cards as a guide for students going into their first professional job. 
These artefacts will help the students learn like I did throughout my research journey and help them be more aware of how Emoticons and Emojis behave in different environments.

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