The title of my brief was ‘Visualising Music’ and it required me to create a visual typographic score for the music from the opera ‘Einstein On the Beach’ by Philip Glass. It had to be a score that didn’t make any reference to standard notation (i.e. notes on a stave) and I was asked to consider more of an avant-garde approach that is found in graphical scores and ‘eye music’. However, I had to keep the response as logical as possible as it is not a free-form jazz piece.
After listening to the music by Philip Glass I decided on looking at how the rhythm and speech align with each other. This is because in one piece of music entitled “Knee 5” I found that the rhythm plays a key part in the piece and helps shape the structure of not only the music but the people speaking alongside the rhythm. 
I feel that this concept was appropriate for a typographic score because most, if not all scores, whether they are experimental or not, are based on a rhythm so visualising rhythm would really simplify yet amplify the use of a typographic score.

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