My name is Gus van Manen. I’m a graphic design graduate from the University of Portsmouth. 
I am passionate about design processes and how design works.
I enjoy exploring new and creative ideas whilst still adding a playful aspect to my work. I am always up for a creative challenge in order to learn more about
graphic design and how it works.
As well as a variety software skills and using Adobe Creative Cloud programs on a daily basis, I pride myself on fundamental design knowledge and strong conceptual understanding.
When I am not designing I do enjoy writing and creating music. As a musician I drum and sing, as well as doing cover songs and writing original songs. I have also participated as a solo artist in open mic nights in bars and pubs around Surrey.
I am passionate about ultimate frisbee on both a competitive and casual level. I also like playing video games in my spare time and I am also a big film fan.
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