My name is Gus van Manen and I’m a graphic designer from South East London.
I am passionate about design processes, brand structure and how design/branding works. I enjoy exploring new and creative ideas whilst still adding a playful aspect to my work. However I am always up for a creative challenge in order to learn more about graphic design as well as travelling the world and exploring design from different countries and cultures. 
As well as a variety software skills and using Adobe Creative Cloud programs on a daily basis, I pride myself on fundamental design knowledge and strong conceptual understanding. I firmly believe that building a simple design foundation can not only allow different creative layers in design to flourish, but to also allow the purpose of the company to be clear and detailed through these visual layers of design.
When I am not designing I do enjoy writing and creating music. As a musician I drum and I sing, as well as doing cover songs and writing original songs. I have also participated as a solo artist in open mic nights in bars and pubs around Surrey. 
I also like getting immersed in the video game world by playing a multitude of games and attending gaming and networking events. I’m also inspired by the e-sports industry and the diversity of different brands that teams and organisations have, but also how their brand creativity has allowed the personalities and ethos of these teams/organisations to flourish.
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